Tuesday, September 07, 2010

3 more days till lift-off!

Destination: Barcelona, Sevilla, Many-places-in-Morocco, and Paris.
Duration: One month.
Purpose: To really test out this marriage.
Key Players: Brian and Leanna of the Hills.

It's true - we're off in three short days. It's been a life-marathon up until this point between my goal to finish my Major Project, and Brian's necessity of preparing his workplace for his departure and its future. I think we're pretty close to being able to leave with our work done. Well, for those of you who are counting, I've still got to finish chapter 5 and 6 when I get back. BUT the lit review is done which makes chapters 1-4 fini! HAH! I'm the boss of THAT!

Anyways, I've decided to keep up the blogging even though we'll be on our honeymoon - not sure why it feels like a faux-pas, but I'm ploughing ahead regardless.

We chose Spain and Morocco for our honeymoon because
1) my gracious Dad gave us airmile points which opened up the world to us,
2) Morocco is on Brian's top list of places to visit,
and 3) I love Spain.
We'll get to practice Spanish, and French to our hearts' content. OH BUT we're also stopping off in Paris on the way back. Why? Because we're spoiled. Simple.

Excitingly, Brian and I have never really traveled like this together before. Even more interestingly, I have never traveled with anyone at all for longer than a week. Which makes this another good opportunity for me to practice sharing. (I mean, it's true, we do live together...we share a lot of things...like the refrigerator...and some books...and the shoe closet...but I have an inkling this might be different).

So, it's looking like another pretty super adventure in this here lifetime of mine - I'm glad you're tuned in for the ride :)

Hasta pronto! A bientôt!

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