Sunday, September 12, 2010

Landed, all four feet on the ground

TOP TEN THINGS WE´RE LOOKING FORWARD TO: *established in the Calgary airport
1) Not working
2) Good FOOD
3) Pleasant surprises
4) Riding a mule!
5) Being hot
6) Feeling relaxed and zenned
7) Interesting conversations
8) Quality loving time
9) More FOOD
10) Going home to Baloney (aka. Thelonious)
11) And other things*

*for those of you who witnessed our marriage, you might recognise number 11 from Brian´s vows. It´s like the best catch-all for the end of a list.

Welcome to sunny, hot, and beautiful (though occasionally smelly) Barcelona! (sounds like bar'th'elona round here). We arrived after a happily uneventful 18 hour trip, took the metro into town and walked up to our guesthouse without any trouble at all - remarkable!
We were met at the guesthouse by Jordi, a very dry-humoured Catalan who wished us at the very least, a very happy honeymoon. He really looked skeptical about the rest of the 'lifetime' thing.

Jordi also gave us tips on the best places to go for food. YES! It has begun. So last night, after a nap, we headed out for our first tour of the town in la Gracia district. It was a national Catalan holiday, so the streets were lively, and that neighbourhood is a more local neighbourhood. It was great, we sat in the plaza Virreina (Jordi explained that that´s the lady equivalent to the we have that word? Vicequeen doesn´t really resonate...). And we walked and walked. We also had our first disagreement about the nature of maps and directions. Turns out Brian´s sense of direction is just a little more efficient than mine.


Who´d a thunk?

Anyways, this is just a note to say 'hola', we've arrived safely and we're headed to the beach!


Rick said...

Hello Kids, Glad you are having a great time! If you get a chance take a day trip up to the castle on the hill which overlooks Barcelona. Deb and I went there it was awesome! Take care and above all have fun! Love Dad

Don't forget to have eyes in the back of your head.

Gwen said...

Yes! Beach! You'll be pleased to know that it started raining pretty much as soon as you left. Did you check for the lady at the Calgary airport for me? Is she still there? Hmm maybe you can't see her unless you leave the airport and get your luggage, actually.
Anyway. I'll add my only piece of travel advice, which (you may imagine) comes in all-kinds-of-useful to me as I wander:

Always look like you know where you're going. ESPECIALLY when you don't.

nathaniel said...