Monday, September 13, 2010

Melon Soup

We found the best restaurant last night.

And we ate melon soup - is this a thing? Have YOU had melon soup before? I'm going to make it when we get home, you can come over for dinner that night.

We sit on terraces when we can, to watch people and to maximize this beautiful outside time. But yesterday afternoon we found ourselves at the tail end of the lunch time (around 4pm...if you miss lunch, you are waiting until the restaurants open back up at 9pm), sitting inside a bustling traditional resto. The waiters were rambunctious, noisy, yell-y...and hilarious. THIS is what you miss if you sit out on the terrace.
Just letting you know.

But the restaurant last night - we were on the terrace, and placed our dinner order at around 10:30pm - tail end of dinner on a Sunday night, I think. And the servers were pleased, I think, that we loved their food, and that we spoke terrible terrible Spanish (here it's very easy to get away with speaking english always). We were gifted at the end of the meal with two glasses of house muscatel. Straight out of their barrel. (seriously - many restaurants just have barrels of wine. Forget bottles.)

It was delightful.

We heart Spain. We're gonna live here for a year. Like, maybe in a few. Better find a marketable skill.

Hasta la proxima, amigos!

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Gwen said...

Mmm, wine straight from the barrel. Sounds like a fantastic experience, all round. I do remember eating dinner at 10:30 and waiting till the bar finally opened at midnight . . . good times. Tell Spain I heart it too.