Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Long awaited photos!

We've finally sorted out a card reader! So for your viewing pleasure, we're including some photos that represent our trip to date...and sorry, but so far no photo of Brian doing the 'Leanna walk' yet. We'll get working on that!

1st photo: Yours truly. We took this on our beach day in the outskirts of Algeciras.

2nd photo: The Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona, still in construction. And totally magnificent.

3rd photo: Our reflection in a nutty mirrored construction. Barcelona.

4th photo: THE shoes. Sevilla.

5th: in the Alcazar, Sevilla. Note the shoes.

6th: The medina in Oujda

7th: Tea with the fellas

8th: 7 hour bus ride through scrub desert. Occasional glimpses of nomadic camps. Amazing. And frankly, a little boring after the fourth hour.
9th: The date palm oasis that is Figuig. This is taken from the hotel terrace.
And finally, the breakfast of champions. Yes that's freshly squeezed orange juice, yes that's fig jam, yes the olive oil is olivey. YES! Jealous yet?


Gwen said...

Mmm I AM jealous! Isn't it odd how the unusual and uncommon can become dull after four hours of the same thing? We do adapt so quickly. The photos are lovely. Thanks for the Sagrada Familia - I'll bust out my album sometime and see how far the construction has come since I was there! (I have a sneaking suspicion it will be hard to tell ...)

Figuig looks lovely, and is now on my travel list. It's very expensive, being your friend, you know?

Janet said...

I'm so happy for you! (and more than a little envious). I love hearing about your adventures. You're way out on the other end of the weather spectrum. It's been snowing all week here . It hasn't been sticking yet though. Hans suggests that after you enjoy your camel ride you could eat it. He recommends camel steak with lentils. Looking forward to your next installment.

i Love you! Mom