Sunday, January 01, 2006

Lebanon 2005-6: Happy New Year!

You know, this whole "time zone" thing is pretty cool...I feel like I'm in the future...and I get to experience things before anyone back home does. So I can tell you that your tomorrow will be just fine! (good...way to start off the new year, Leanna...random)

Anyways, last night, our new year's eve was nice and mellow, I spent it with the family. But outside was practically a war zone...see, leading up to midnight, people light off firecrackers that are less like firecrackers, and more like bombs. And machine gun fire. Every time one of these lit off near the house, I jumped. (that made last night kind of like a work out). The kids went out on the balcony to see, and actually felt the blast.
Holy Moly!

I have one last week here...Husayn and the kids go back to school tomorrow, so I'll be on my own again. We had a great time this past week travelling around. We saw Baalbeck, where the largest roman temple lies, and is also the best preserved.
I actually didn't expect to be awed by any of the ruins...I've seen a bazillion postcards, and really - ruins seem like they'll be really touristy.
However, I was proven wrong. The sheer history of it all was remarkable. And the ruins were HUGE. You feel dwarfed. Not only by the structures, but also by the past. Underneath these roman ruins are pheonicien ruins (dating back to 2000 bc)...and under those ???? This country is DENSE with history, culture, religion...language...legends. Apparently the Beka'a valley (where Baalbeck stands) is where Noah set up shop after the great flood. How's that for history?

Okay, well, I hope everyone has passed a wonderful New Year's Eve. I miss home...but am still enjoying these last days!