Thursday, July 31, 2008

Well it's alright, riding around in the breeze...

A long, long drive to Prince George. Gwen and I sang for about three hours yesterday. We also made terrible jokes.
I don't really feel like I'm charting new territory yet. Though this time I was awake for the whole's pretty beautiful, this here BC. Have few photos as of yet...but have a feeling that this will change in short order.
I also think I've found a SUPER car-mate (you know, like a roommate. But for cars). Gwen's pretty much learning to drive standard. This is funny. (hah!) And AWESOME.

Today we're going to Stewart, on the Alaska border. And we'll be exploring the Nisga'a lava bed flats. COOL!
Just gotta work on getting out a little more on-time than we did yesterday! (no setting up camp at midnight.)

Woohoo for North!

Gwen now:

Very new territory for me. The road and the rivers and the bare bare brown bits of this province are amazing! It was an 845Km photo op.

Favourite Leanna moment of yesterday: (to be updated daily, this IS her blog after all) was when the times got a bit hectic trying to get out of her house and "That's IT, we're going to %#$@ing WENDYS" started coming out of the hunger-devil in the drivers' seat.

Today's goal: Keeping Leanna fed and not laughing so hard that I can't see while driving. Wish me luck! Also, LAVA FLATS!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the road again...

Destination: Inuvik, Northwest Territories
Purpose: Adventure, exploration and the great Mom visit
RoadTrip superstars: Gwen (to Whitehorse, YK), Brian (from Whitehorse to Inuvik)

After an uncertain beginning, Gwen's decided (thankfully!) to join me to Whitehorse for the first leg of the trip. HURRAY for adventures!

Tomorrow morning we load up the truck, pick up groceries (and my newly fixed camera) and driiiiive driiiiive driiiiiiive. First stop will be to Prince George. Woot.

It's been a few days of preparations - many stops to pick up packages and necessities (like bug spray...specialty foods for the northern dwelling mother-type...bug jackets...bear know, north stuff)

Can't wait until all the prep's done and I can just get on with it!

Will load up some photos as soon as I'm reunited with the ol' camera!

(As a side note, I hope that you - that's right YOU - are having a wonderful summer so far! Have fun!)