Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hello fellow humans,

We left Barcelona wanting more - a good state to leave it in. We didn't make it to the castle, thanks for the tip, Dad, but we did make it into the Montjuic park. Barcelona was just super awesome. It´s a little bit confusing between the Catal├ín and Spanish being spoken, but we made out just fine.

So now we're in Sevilla, south and inland. It is hot, hot & hot out here. We arrived last night to 43 degrees - HOLY MOLY! And I guess this is just the beginning of what the remainder of our trip will be, gotta acclimatize.
We're staying in the more touristy neighbourhood in central Sevilla, so everything's a little more expensive, and a little more english-ready. Our servers last night definitely became more friendly after we attempted our Spanish with them - for sure the way to go.

Today's my first tired day, so we're just going to take 'er easy...wander, sit, drink coffee...what a beautiful life!

We haven't seen much of the city yet, so this will be fun. The Spanish spoken here spouts out like a fountain, so fast, and rippling. It takes lots of ears to eavesdrop ;)

Was trying to upload photos, but sorry folks, too confusing for me right now!
We're here for another two nights, then we're planning a trip to the south - Algeciras? To hang out on the beach for another day, and then take the ferry to Morocco...WOOOOHOOOOO!!!

Keep dry out there, thanks for the emails, comments and updates!


Gwen said...

"The Spanish spoken here spouts out like a fountain, so fast, and rippling." - Beautiful! I'll be taking notes at VP for you, for when YOU write YOUR first novel.
Hope you can catch some drops from the fountain, at least. A Leanna gone weeks without eavesdropping? That's a Leanna I don't want to see.

*Hi Brian!!*

joyjoy said...

Hola Leanna and Brian,
Gwen invited me to (virtually) follow along on your honeymoon :) That's a new concept for me, but I've enjoyed the reading so far and will keep checking in. Looks like an excellent itinerary ... thanks for blogging!
Mucho felicitaciones, amigos!

nathaniel said...

HI BRIAN!!!!!!!!