Saturday, August 09, 2008

More Dempster Doodles

Before getting to Inuvik stories... more pics from the journey to the end of the road... the one above is a tiny bit of a huge burn on the eagle plains... who knows how long ago. Those little trees worked darn hard to grow and poof!

And back to the space theme... holy vista batman!!!

Driving up a rise, we saw a beast with horns on the side of the road. It walked across the road and disappeared into the forest. When we topped the rise these two caribou were in the road. A little less bright than their friend, they ran down the road in front of us for a while. Their gait makes me think of bow-legged cowboys very well lubricated with cheap whiskey.

And through the wilderness and up another pass, this one doubled as the border to NWT.

Then down and down....

... more from Brian
Eating has figured prominently in our time in Inuvik. Last night Leanna concocted a fabulous caribou roast cooked in beer and birch syrup, served with a sauce of wild blueberries, more birch syrup, lemon juice and honey. Yummmm!!!! And in the oven right now is a hunter and gatherer pie (no shepherd's involved in this one) made with ground muskox. Again cooked with beer. What a fabulous woman!!

And from Leanna...
And NOW I feel like I'm on holiday! Three full days without driving - wooohooo!
We took a boat cruise in the Mackenzie delta today. Have we mentioned that we're sitting at a balmy 5 degrees and rain?? WOW it's not very summer like. (weather wise, at least!)

We were just outside learning to spin Poi in the've just got to picture this: 10:30pm (still light out), Brian patiently coaching Janet (Mom) and Leanna in how to spin this fabric gracefully. Hah! I beaned myself in the head a few times. It's really fun!

Tomorrow we're going to do something fun, I'm sure! Hopefully we'll meet some more local folk. Everyone's so friendly here. I walked into the gas station after having washed the truck, and the other guy in line struck up conversation - young guy...just wondering if I'm from outta town...if I came up here for the Music Festival...wished me a great trip.
We're in talking-to-strangers MECCA! YESSSS!

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Joan B said...

Hi Leanna and Brian, and Janet! Love your blog. Thanks for the pics and please add more! What a lovely adventure and it looks so beautiful and expansive up there!
Stay well and have fun. Thinking of you, Joan