Saturday, August 02, 2008

Whatever you bring with you is all you've got

Well, that's the truth!
We're in Whitehorse after a two day bum-numbing haul. BEAUTIFUL landscapes, let me tell YOU.
And one or two adventures. Namely running out of gas 120km out of the nearest town at dusk on the highway to/from the Lava beds (which we did NOT catch, unfortunately, due to taking chances with those so-called 'directions').
It was one of those earth shaking feelings - 'WHAT will we do' feelings. Wanted to throw up, actually!
Fortunately for us, we were only on the road 10 minutes before a couple trucks pulled over to help! Anything I've heard about northern people has been shaken up. Now, I've been told here that while people are friendly, they're squirrely...or that people in the north have a hate-on for South-ers. I am now convinced that people here look out for you in a way that you won't see in the city.
The men who stopped for us went back to camp, filled up the gas canister and gave it to us...cause actually - the 5 litre gas can that I had in the back REALLY won't do it. Go figure.

We also later heard that this happens to everyone - even locals! Hurray for us not being the only ones dumb enough to think that the next town on the map will have an open gas station...or even be a town.

I'm loving it loving it loving it here and ESPECIALLY happy to be here for a full afternoon and to have my Brian with me AND with my Gwen. How lucky can one human be?! Frankly.

Until next time...(when I will be able to post photos...)

Gwen now:

Annnnnnnnd Whitehorse. We made it! There were a few moments of ah-crap-maybe we'll have to set up camp and LIVE by this roadside and grow some kind of vegetables and learn to make fireweed soup, but no. Let me tell you, there have been moments where I would have happily made a tiny memorial bonfire out of this joke of a map that suggested all these small towns (apparently, to these mapmakers, TOWNS and BRIDGES are much the same thing . . . ?) but the map-anger has passed and this is one of the most lovely campsites I've ever seen. I now feel a sense of aunt-like kindness towards the map, like it's a well-meaning but bumbling neice.

Watson Lake has a forest of signs. Literally - you've never seen so many signs nail-gunned to posts in your life. Will have to wait for photo posting before the amazing quantity of signs can sink in. We camped there last night and hit the road later this morning than intended, but, that has been our MO for this whole trip. At least we're getting good sleeps! I love the air out here! And the space . . . you just can't imagine how much room there is in B.C. until you do this drive. Incredible.

Tomorrow I leave Leanna and Brian to their journey further North, in their love-bubble that is, frankly, heartwarming. So tonight will be my last night - which means - Leanna and I spent 42 hours in a car together and I still think she's high among the greatest people to grace my life. All goals accomplished. Also we saw a grizzly bear, and had breakfast beside a glacier. Amazing.

I think it's beer-by-the-campfire time. I'll add my photos when I get home - my last comment to anyone reading this is that if you ever get the chance to take this drive, do it!!

- But buy a better map!


Found a photo:


~G~ said...

I would like to apologize for all the run-on sentences in that post. That's what happens when I post without re-reading! Bad grammar on Leanna's blog? Shameful.

Michelle said...

Hiya! I watered your plants yesterday..All is well back in the hood. Miss you!! xoxo