Friday, August 03, 2007

Willie Nelson and Momos

I was sitting in a Tibetan cafe yesterday for lunch, and I think that, in honor of my american-seeming presence, the waiter threw on some real homestyle music. Just a little Willie Nelson. Really, who can go wrong?

Let me tell you that it brought a smile to this face! REALLY incongruous...sitting down eating Momos (these potsticker kinda things) and watching Ladakhis and tourists walk by to the sweet strumming of old timer country. Love-ly.

I'm still in Leh - loving it. Actually being a total brat and holidaying it up! I walk a lot, and sit and watch a lot. I was going to be heading to the Nubra valley tomorrow, but instead have been offered a ride (free!) with the father of the guest house - cause he's going up as well (I think to see the Dalai Lama also?).
So I'll take the ride!

Shopping for gifts here is a total nightmare and the only kink in my otherwise peaceful time. I think I'm being consistently overcharged, even when I talk them down 2000 rupees! Exhausting. Oh well, c'est la vie!

I'm realising how busy my "regular" life is: and how nice it is to simply wander, and talk, and write aimlessly. Maybe I'll keep this calm. That would be nice!
(maybe someone can remind me of this in late September?)

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