Thursday, August 30, 2007


I do believe that this is Groenland...REAL ICEBERGS!!

The stage of "Poeta a Nueva York" (too bad I wasn't allowed to take photos during the action...)

This is the view from the Jose Guerrero gallery in Granada...I liked the floors, stairs and benches almost as much as the art!

The Alhambra - some incredible detail.

Yours truly in her summer dress!

Well, this is it. I'm signing off.
I've come back into Vancouver, welcomed by mountains, green, and sun. (and Stina's wonderful self at the airport!)

My last few days in Spain were heavenly. Andrew and I went to a show "Poeta a Nueva York" in the Alhambra outdoor theatre in Granada (quite a bit like malkin bowl, actually). It was a dance production based on Frederico Garcia Lorca's impressions of New York in the early 1930s. It definitely ranks in my top three awesome times in Spain...and actually, I found myself thinking about a course in French contemporary theatre that I took...learned about the "purpose" of theatre. And as I realised that my heart was fully engaged in the spectacle, I understood what all that talk about catharsis and importance of live art was all about.
ANYWAYS, Granada speaks my language. I will go back!

The flights were uneventful, I met interesting people, and slept fitfully in the Gatwick airport overnight (that makes all three London airports that I've crashed!)

But let me tell you how beautiful it is to be here...and how unexpected it is that I'm so overjoyed. I'm grateful! Nothing better than coming back happily and willingly!

Thank you to those of you who kept me company through this latest journey - communicating with you over the internet is something that I wasn't able to relinquish. (though giving up the cell phone was GREAT!) And I just feel so glad to have an outlet for these vignettes!

Until next time :)

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