Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Road to Manali

I have a 'feeling picture' to share with you from my ride from Leh to Manali. (I wrote this in the jeep - very bumpy. Very illegible writing)

The mountains surrounding me on all sides are coated in short green grass, speckled with hardy wildflowers and slabs of rock. I imagine this is what Ireland looks like, less the jagged peaks and occasional distant glacier.
It's nearing sunset, the sky is a persistent blue, and white clouds play hide and seek around the mountain tops.
Looking up the side of the mountain I spot horses grazing. I look over the other shoulder and I'm confronted by an ever deepening valley.

A smile sits on my face, punctuated by wonder, gratitude and joy. I feel hopeful.

I'm in love with this planet. I'm in love with this life.

I wish I could bottle this up and send it to you!


Mark said...

Thanks L.

Amazing how words can paint images that go far beyond the spectrum of line and colour...

Emmana said...

Hello dear Leanna. You have the gift of sharing your thoughts with have always had this...your entire life. I recall magical short stories you created as a small child ...they were wondrous as well. Glad you are on this planet to continue sharing.
With love,