Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tom Waits and Malegueta

Laying on the beach in Malaga like a lizard, roasting, flipping, roasting...eating melty chocolate cookies...and listening to Tom Waits...mmmmm YES!

It´s been a beautiful thing, coming to Spain, and meeting up with Andrew Dong.

I met my ghost last night. In this plaza...where I have been 5 years ago with Emma...
And 5 years ago, as I filled in the last pages of my journal at the time, I wrote that I´d come back here to live.
And I still feel the same way! This place has a magnetism about it. I mean, maybe not the city...maybe it´s the people, or the language...both of which are beautiful.
(really - Spanish people are beautiful)

I´m not finding it difficult to adjust to this western lifestyle again. Perhaps it´s because I wasn´t gone for long enough.

Back home in 5 has started to creep into my consciousness...but diligently working on pushing it out...not yet!!

I miss India though. And I feel like I´ll have to go back...I´m so glad, though, to know it a little...and have it live in my head and heart as it will...

See you soon!

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Hollyhock said...

I'm looking forward to hearing from you once you reach home, Leanna. It sure sounds like this was a trip of a lifetime.
Talk to you soon..Hollyhock (Nana)