Monday, August 13, 2007

Last days in Leh

"A man walks down the street
it's a street in a strange world.
Maybe it's the third world
maybe it's his first time around.
Doesn't speak the language, and he holds no currency.
He is a foreign man.
He is surrounded by sound
Cattle in the marketplace, scatterings and orphanages.
He looks around
He sees angels in the architecture - spinning in infinity.
He says 'hey! Hallelujah!'"

100 'awesome points' go to anyone who knows who sings this.
Answers must be submitted by August 30th, and you will be sent your complimentary 'awesome gift' within the following two weeks.

But really, actually - this song has left an imprint in my imagination for many years now. And I think I'm the closest I've ever been to finding this place. To being there.
Less the angels in the architecture. Unless Buddhas count.

I've just returned to Leh from walking. I started feeling concerned that I don't have much time left in India (I have...9 days - but travel between here and Varanasi will take me 2.5 days there...and one day back)...and wrapping things up here...Anyways, I was feeling like I have no time.
And then life just sort of goes - and I can worry all I like, but things work out perfectly. The way they should.

I caught the bus today from Rizong to Leh (I ended up walking with a Spanish man - 54 yrs old...full of energy. We walked from Likkir, but we started quite late, and so ended up staying in a family's home about an hour away from our destination - Yangthang. I shared a room with the aunt)...anyways, we made it the next morning, and then made the walk to Rizong monastery - BEAUTIFUL walk.
I caught the bus back and rode on the roof - this was so very local. I was joined shortly by the same family that I rode up to Likkir with! We shared apricots, peas, cookies...and we all had to squish back into the bus before we entered Leh was perfect.

Dad gets married today! (though I don't miss being home, I think about home quite a bit. What constitutes my ordinary life, I suppose. The foundation for this current fling!)

Anyways, I'm having a heck of a time trying to book this train ticket to Varanasi. Jeepers! Gotta go sort this out.

Best to you.


Michelle said...

Al sings the song (because I am Betty and he told me I could call him that)

Michael Gabriel said... I know who it is...maybe I get 25 awesome points or something

Mark said...

Paul Simon? My friend Ooe helped (today the G's are silent). If this is right, still a day for anyone else reading this comment to get free points...