Monday, May 06, 2013

Gearing up (and do I mean 'gear' - who knew a babe would need so much luggage?)

Otis will be 7 months old tomorrow and we're setting off for 5 weeks in Mexico. Seattle awaits us as we pack our bags here in Vancouver. Our home & garden is being taken care of by great people and nothing holds us back!

In the ferry lineup - we were one of the last cars to board - phew!
So here's the story. Brian and I have spent time dreaming up what might be possible in this first year of our wee babe's life. What do we want our life to look like? What's really important? How can we make the most of this time, this gift of a year's leave as we learn to be a family of three. Given that we both have the right to take time off of work (though only one person collects EI) we decided that Brian would take 4 months off so we could familymoon. And it was a short leap to making all sorts of adventuring plans - Mexico felt like a great first international adventure, as Brian has family in Cuernavaca and we really liked where we stayed last year in Puerto Escondido. We've heard great things about Oaxaca City as well, so why not?

But don't worry, we've been in training over the last half-year. Otis is well-versed with the BC Ferries, and travels the Malahat like a pro (that's our mountain pass from Victoria to up-island). We've even spent 3 nights in Tofino - land of grand waves and fine sands.

Although, the airplane is a whole other kettle of fish. Trying to pack efficiently has been an exercise in spatial logic and serious prioritizing. Basically, Otis gets all the bells and whistles; carseat, stroller, hiking backpack, and sun-protecting clothes. Me? Well, I've never packed so light. See ya later 'just in case we go out for a nice dinner' heels. So long 'chacos AND running shoes'. One or the other, baby. It's been a major breakthrough.

Enjoying the sun on Granville Island with Stefanie, Jo & the Kung Fu team (Master Zhang & Ally)
3 days in on the mainland, and it looks like our systems are a go. We are so fortunate to be on this journey together, and look forward to chronicling our adventures along the way. Please feel free to send in warm-weather-baby travel tips and encouragement along the way.


Gwen said...

Oooh, out on the road - Babe's first airplane ride! Sending good thoughts and lots of love - have a BLAST. I'm so glad you'll be travel-blogging!!

sharon said...

Have a great time!! It'll be fun, and full of memories :) the only tip i have is always pack extra sets of clothes for you and dad on the plane - not just the babe! always. ;) Bon Voyage!

Leanna Hill said...

Great idea, Sharon! Thanks - we would not have thought of that. No need to learn things the hard way if we can help it :)

And Gwen - happy to oblige

Melanie Beliveau said...

Yeah!!! We are so happy for you guys! AND cute hat Otis says Matéo!