Monday, May 13, 2013

Yeah, Mama!

We've set the bar high. Here in Mexico, Mother's Day is celebrated on May 10th every year, while at home it's the second Sunday in May. Which meant double the joy for me, on this, my first year as a mama.
Just a sampling of the crops at the Morelos State University farm

Aunt Janet took us out on el dia de las madres to buy fruits & vegetables from the university farm market - what an unexpected marvel! Fresh, beautiful, fragrant fruits - mini pears, tiny tart plums, peaches alongside soft, young buttery lettuce that the Sooke Harbour House would envy. We were welcome to walk the fields and check out the crops. GORGEOUS. Long hilled rows of greens, strawberries, squash, beans, nopales (edible cactus) and more. It was a perfect outing for this girl.

On the streets families walked together in fancy-dress, we saw small girls with party dresses and pigtails, beautiful mamas in very high high-heels, men and women rushing from here to there with bouquets of flowers in their hands. It's not an official holiday, but most children have the day off school to celebrate. Street corners boasted signs of what precious gifts could be found inside to honour mother, and flower stalls abounded. It felt like this was a big deal. We sat with the family to enjoy a sumptuous meal of steak cooked to perfection over a coal bbq and the salad of my dreams - young greens, that buttery lettuce and orange & grapefruit citrus as dressing. Otis positively loved the steak, the little carnivore. Thank you, Alberto, Janet, Beto, Sonia, Fabian & Tristan for the feast!
L-R: Janet, Beto, Alberto, Fabian, Sonia, Tristan in the hammock and the fellas

Saturday brought us another treat (I mean, really - what won't be a treat on this adventure? Truly, every day that we have here is a blessing). We went to see the cuenta cuentos at Catarina Marina children's bookstore - Sonia's labour of love, shared by Beto. Otis watched the storyteller with rapt attention as she punctuated the highs and lows of the tale with grand gestures and expressive eyes.

Storytime at Catarina Marina
The store itself is a treasure trove - beautiful books for all ages of children, even the adult kind of kid. That night we went to Alberto's sister's for his brother-in-law's birthday - Otis charmed everyone and we had a great time! I was so surprised that the little dude didn't melt down, though we were out way past his bedtime and he'd been short on naps. I welcome any surprise of that nature!

It's been really interesting, figuring out our rhythms as a traveling family. Brian and I take it easy on our travels compared to some - we don't really worry about covering everything; we like to wander, witness, participate and eat. We end up on all sorts of adventures this way. But I'm learning that we need to modify this approach now that we have an Otis to think about. Basically things are just slower as we are mindful of naps, and transitions take longer. Though I think we're at a pretty ideal time to be traveling with O - he's not mobile yet, so is content to hang out with us wherever we go. The really beautiful thing is that wherever we go, people welcome Otis with big smiles and kind words 'que hermoso' 'que bonito'. Agreed!

We went downtown yesterday for our first adventure as a threesome and had a great time. We walked through artist's alleys and had a drink on a terrace, just like our life before babe, only better. We braved the Sunday shopping street and came back home for - you guessed it - a lovely meal en famille. Happiest of Mother's days. I am so blessed.
My Mother's Day treat on the terrace

Tomorrow we leave for Mazunte. Ocean, here we come!


FunUncle said...

Happy Mothers Day Leanna! I can almost taste those fresh veggies and fruit, something about that southern sun.

Give that Oats a big hug ... and well, maybe B too.

Cheers - Lorne

Leanna Hill said...

Big hugs delivered! B says hi from the hammock :)