Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back in the saddle!

First of all, thanks all for your notes and thoughts of safety and a peaceful remainder of our trip. We've picked ourselves up and are thoroughly enjoying our time again. It really didn't take much to feel free and easy again - it certainly has helped that we're still staying in the most excellent b&b...and Becca and her friend Molly have joined us! The beach in this neighbourhood, Carizalillo, is as gorgeous as we left it a year and a half ago when we came here with Brian's family for his parent's 50th wedding anniversary. It's something about the flight of stairs that takes you down (and back up again), the palapas & lounge chairs right at the high-wave line, the warm water and the surfer-watching. Pair that with excellent company and fresh guacamole and we've got a recipe for paradise.

Yesterday we went to the market (I found some great flan and tried 'atole', a corn & chocolate drink...kind of like bubble tea, but more corny), cruised the streets and bought a pair of shoes (surprise!), and then went on a tour of the nearby laguna. We saw a ZILLION birds - storks, ibis, spoonbill pink-guys, lily-pad hopper-dippers AND a crocodile! Just layin' around. It was so cool. We also got to help some just-hatched turtles to the sea. I thought that the whole thing sounded a little cheesy, but actually it was super-awesome. Just this one dude who volunteers 7 months of the year to collect turtle eggs when they are laid and protect them until they hatch. He sleeps in a tent in the daytime and works all night. I think he really likes turtles. (In truth, it's a pretty important thing to do, protecting these endangered species. Thanks, volunteer guy).

The fellas on the laguna
Otis has hit his stride, I think (or we have learned to match his stride is maybe more like it). I feel like we're getting to 'do' plenty, as well as kick back plenty. I'm really looking forward to the next week and some we have for hanging out with Becca - we'll be going to Oaxaca city on Tuesday, and in the meantime, more sweet-nothings in Puerto Escondido.


Doreen said...

All sounds simply marvellous! Good for you guys. I'm totally jealous!. Leanna - are you going to try surfing this trip? Really it is fun, but please remember to put sunscreen on the spot of your cheek that sneaks out from the line on your swim suit. yow chee!! LOL

Joan B said...

Lovely Leanna - so glad you are all safe and having a wonderful time. Otis is growing! He makes my heart melt! Can't wait to cuddle him. I love your blog - you are a great writer, just like Jamma and Nana. Enjoy your adventurous and restful holiday, wee babe, great husband, extended family, and friends. Sending love and prayers, Auntie Joan xx

Joan B said...
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chasie said...

Hey guys
I am so glad to hear things are better and you are not jumping about at every sound. It sounds like over all you're having a wonderful time, so I am thrilled. Hugs