Tuesday, May 28, 2013

City mouse returns

We've made it over the mountains, and have landed nicely in Oaxaca City. We were a little sad to leave our warm & wonderful hosts at Quinta Lili, but are really happy to be in the city. We flew in on a 14 passenger cessna (auntie Gwen - I told Otis all about your flying skills!) and O handled it like a pro. We're now happily ensconced in an apartment found through air bnb right on the fringe of the tourist zone and Becca will be joining us this evening. Very shi-shi, plenty of art galleries and restaurants to be found here. 
Otis checking to make sure that the pre-flight trip is done according to regulation

One of my favourite things about traveling with Otis is how pleased everyone seems to meet him. We just had lunch (a fabulous menu del dia from the resto across the street) and each person had their turn exclaiming over him. His gordito little feet, his large size (he's comparatively huge for an 8 month old here), his munequito self. A white haired grandmother with few teeth stopped in the zocalo to give O a kiss on the forehead.

Beautiful scenes abound!

Now, just a few short weeks ago, a woman in Seattle gave Otis a kiss on the cheek and I really was shocked while trying not to show it. Played it cool like the polite, well-behaved, rather waspish Canadian I am (well, I don't actually think of myself in those terms, but compared to this warmth I may as well be!). It's so liberating here for Otis to be so warmly welcomed - in the streets, in restaurants. Otis has seen more kitchens and hung out with more restaurant patrons and servers than I have! Once I got over the stranger danger thing, it's been lovely. I mean, I know it's still wise for us to be alert, but I sure do rejoice in the love of children here. Otis simply laps it up. I'm learning to be more overtly complimentary and inquisitive towards others' children as well.

What a streetheart

The boys are down for a nap after our initial neighbourhood scouting (and first coffee tasting!) and I'm going to start prepping for this online course that Beth (a colleague friend) and I are co-teaching. What a stinkin' beautiful life, eh?


Hollyhock said...

So glad that you've had a wonderful holiday. I of course agree that Otis is a special little sweetheart. xxNana

Hollyhock said...

So glad that you've had a wonderful holiday. I of course agree that Otis is a special little sweetheart. xxNana

FunUncle said...

That is a great picture of him in the plane. He looks so intent.

Glad you are all back in the swing!

Cheers - Lorne

Andrew Quick said...

Everyone's looking great! My experience with Spencer in NYC when he was little suggests to me that Latin folk really like babies. Correct priorities, I say! Everyone on our block knew Spencer's name and hardly anyone knew mine.