Sunday, December 24, 2006

Top Three Awesome Things about Portland in under 24 hours

1. We got here.
2. Walking down that street over there.
3. The stairs and entrance ways in Portland.
(I love them...they just BEG to be climbed...or entered. But we think that maybe this would be a little forward of us here, on our first day. It's true, we're just a couple of Canadian Hussies)

We're leaving today for Fort Bragg, CA..hip hip hurray! (you know what makes a roadtrip bettah? CBS mystery theatre on the CD player...also the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy...also MUSIC!)

Stayed at the Portland International Guesthouse - in the alphabet district - really! that's what it's called! And had some super mussels and crab cakes at this small funky kinda restaurant. It's so much more special when you fall into a neighbourhood that feels organic. (and I don't mean healthy food, I mean...natural)

We've also decided what our superpowers would be, if we were to have them.
(Mark&Michelle have already declared mine to be, I think this is no doubt useful, but not quite spectacular enough if you ask me!)
SO Andrew's the PLANTINATOR (he can make things grow. whatever you need, he can grow it)

OR he can fly, but is also impervious to temperature (see, that's a logical, realistic response. smartie pants)

And I've decided that I'd be the GIFTINATOR - I'd always have the perfect gift at the perfect time (so, person on the street, needs new shoes? just so happen to have an extra pair with me! Someone's really struggling to crack open a crab leg...need a crab cracker? Oh look what I have in my purse!)

Well, merry christmas eve. Here's to a 12 hour drive to Californi-ornia

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Mark said...

Merry Christmas Leanna (and Andrew)!!

Glad to hear you're havin a great time rollin down de coast! I'm busy getting fat down here in Ohio (and having a good time too).

So Giftinator, eh? To stick with the whole realistic slant on the super-powers, you should also have super-strength for the rare moment when someone REALLY needs the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. It would suck to be sitting in a pub and suddenly collapse beneath the weight of a white elephant as you are chatting with your sad zoologist buddy.

BTW, if you combine your super-talents with Andrew, you two could pose some serious competition for that bearded guy from up North. Just a thought...