Saturday, December 23, 2006

One more sleep

So me and uncle Andrew are off tomorrow. I get a kick outta saying that: me and uncle Andrew; I think it paints a funny picture. (that's him and I in the photo...I think we kinda look alike - I can really see the resemblance between he and Husayn in any case)

Today mom's friend asked what kind of car we're taking down the coast...and all I could think of was..."well, Andrew's car? it' And a...Toyota?". No matter, it'll get us there. I hope.

So the plan? (oh this could be fun, cause who knows if we'll stick to it at all) We're going through Portland, Fort Bragg (California for Christmas - stepmom Debbie lives there), we might spend a night in Sacramento, a few in Yosemite - hoping for cross country skiing and some fabulous EARTH - and then to San Francisco for ze new year!

So...I've decided to keep track of this adventure here for yous, so that I don't just come back and say "oh, it was great! we did...lots!".

I'm also currently phenomenally tired out. Tired out from two weeks of not-stopping. Tired out from work work work - though it's amazing, I haven't quite mastered the art of letting it stay at work. I think it's hard when my job is based on relationships...and timelines.

SO here's to a beautiful two weeks of adventuring, driving, seeing and doing. I'll add photos as I go along too (the best part, if you ask me!)


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