Saturday, December 30, 2006

I heart Yosemite

This place is stunning. I mean, I know we have mountains back home, but these are...different. The vistas are spectacular...and the colours are hypnotising. AND there's sun.
We hiked to the top of Yosemite Falls yesterday (a solid day hike) and the water freezes before it hits the ground - just makes a giant pile of snow! Amazing! But the minute the sun hits you, it's warm! Weird!

We've met a bunch of wonderful people here at our hostel (the Yosemite Bug) and on the trails. A new friend from Belgium (living in LA) joined us today for our cross-country ski trip. We probably covered 23kms today!
And...another couple - living in San Francisco...we'll be meeting up with them when we head out that way (tomorrow!)
This has definitely been the highlight of my trip so far (not sure about Andrew's - he's reserving judgement). I love this lifestyle, people are laid back, food is good here, people kind.

I feel so blessed to wrap up this year in such a way. And so excited to start it off in San Francisco! I'm such a lucky gal!

I wish you all the best New Year celebrations, please be safe, and tell me all about it! (woh, you know, all this hiking just brings out the youth leader in me - I've been vigilant about making sure everyone's got enough water, food, clothes...Captain Safety's back! NoooOOOooooOO!)

Be well!

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