Thursday, December 28, 2006

A post from a few days time travel!

We're in Reno. That's right. The "biggest little city in the world". Unfortunately, their big flashy Reno sign, complete with tag-line, is out.

I think that sums this town up.

We arrived last night at 10:30, and entered our first casino at 11:30. Dumped some money into the slots (seriously, I just can't get it.) (and really, what IS there to get? Don't know, but I don't) So we switched to blackjack. We made friends with the dealers, they taught us what was what. It was actually really fun. We left at 3am. It's true, time flies. I pretty much ended up even in Blackjack, but it lasted a long time! Fun!

Anyways, this morning we're going to drive to Yosemite - hoping for x-country skiing tomorrow. And I have to jump in the shower, so Andrew's gonna fill you in on the fabulous last night in Fort Bragg. I'll call this : Cantina

After our days events we headed back to Debbie's place, chilled out, waited for Debbie to wake up and got on our way to the Mexican Cantina. The building is divided into two halves: The bright restaurant half and the dark watering hole. Of course we started with the light side. As is seemingly the standard down here, our meals were HUGE and not all that expensive. So we couldn't get a small amount of drink to go with this large amount of food, so we got a carafe of sangria. I thought a carafe was maybe a half litre, but it's quite a lot more than that. Debbie had to run off to the hospital for her shift, so Leanna and I were left behind to conquer the Sangria, which of course we did! Then we tackled the dark watering hole next door!

In the Cantina we met with Ron and O.E. A couple of local bartenders drinking at some other bar that wasn't theirs.
We four were the only people there.
It was pretty much as local as it gets.

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