Monday, December 25, 2006

Fort Bragg is just a Beaut.

In case you don't have the interest to read this whole thingy - we've made a few more top threes. You know, to sum up.
(frankly, I don't even know if anyone is reading this...but glad to have something for posterity!)

Top 3 new(ish) nicknames for Andrew:

Any of the three can be interchanged with "buddy"

Top 3 roadtrip songs to take you from Portland to Fort Bragg on a windy, twisty, squirrely road 10 hours into the drive:
Lovers in a dangerous time - Barenaked Ladies or Bruce Cockburn (I think it's him at any rate)
Break the Chain - Fleetwood Mac
Dream Machine - Mark Farina
OR (this one's up for debate) A long december - Counting Crows

Top 3 things I've learned about the States so far:
They have trees. Many more than I ever imagined. IN California.
People here are actually very friendly.
This place is pretty freaking beautiful. Really. Small west coast kinda beautiful. I had no idea.

SO, another Christmas unlike any other.
Andrew and I went a-walkin' today. We saw the Cabrillo lighthouse and then took a walk along the MacKrecherecherinicherinerin (I really can't rememeber what that's called) State Park. Which is a breathtaking bit of oceanside. It's been SO nice to go out and walk after two days in a car. The waves are stunning, and move with such force! Which got us to talking (in fact, just kept us talking - we spend about half our time talking about overconsumption, energy conservation and social support programs). Now, I've heard about tidal energy - but am a little shifty-two-fifty on my facts. I've heard that this form of energy production can have a ruinous effect on the ocean's ecosystem, making tidal energy harvesting an environmental hazard as well. Does anyone know anything about this? Sounds like something we oughtta look up.

At least we're thinking.

Our second night in Fort Bragg, staying at Debbie's place. Which is so great - it's really nice to be with family for the holiday, and though she's working nights right now, we're getting a chance to hang out when she gets home, and before she leaves for work again. (she's a nurse in the ICU at the nearby hospital) (another reason why we're talking so much about social support).

Annnnd well, so goes the wandering. We found out that the hostel we booked in San Francisco is actually in the scuzzy prostitute, drug and gang district. Kinda like staying at the Patricia hotel on East Hastings. Hmmm I think we're gonna be switching that one around.

Well, on to the rest of the James Bond movie...Roger Moore...definitely no Sean Connery, I can tell you that much. Tomorrow is Mendocino and wine country!


~G~ said...

Hey there traveller, sounds like a fabulous trip you're having there! Beautiful photos - what's funny about making up names for things is most people come up with short ones, but you, you my friend, you came up with MacKrecherecherinicherinerin. And I love it.

Hope you enjoyed your christmas on-the-road, and a happy happy happy New Year :D talk to you soon!!


Allison said...

Hey Leona,
You are an excellently quirky writer and your, how should one describe it... "healthy" vocabulary is even sprinkled with new words that no one has even heard of, and then at the same time, you have the "gift" (get it? you giftenator...) of persuading your faithful readers that the words really DO fit in the context of the sentence, and really DO make sense! That's lucky, or else we'd all just be reading a bunch of garbeldygoop, garbledygoop most likely manufactured in the great great city of MacKrecherecherinicherinerin.
Anyhow, thanks so much for the call, and sorry for cutting it short but I was in high demand at the moment (presents were beckoning), followed by my job as musical entertainer. No rest for the wicked
(as in wicked pianist! yeah!) But I'm glad you're having a great trip, and what beautiful pics! Say hallo to your Uncle for me :)
Merriest of Boxing Days to you and yours.
love Allison