Friday, October 01, 2010

The masseuse fell asleep on me!


So B and I are in Essaouira, as you know. It's been great taking it easy in the city - especially nice to be in one place and in some comfort as I'm still duelling with a head cold. I think I'm winning, just gotta keep it from becoming a chest cold - harder to do in this humid climate. ANYWAYS, on the up and up.

We went to the beach yesterday to catch some rays (first time I've 'sunbathed' in t-shirt and long shorts) and like Allison's comment in the previous post, the wind kicked up so much fine sand that by the time we arose our beach blankets were almost submerged! I still have sand in my hair. There's a song out there about sand in shoes being the reminder of a wonderful holiday, well friends, we'll be reminded for a while to come I think.

Following our day on la plage we treated ourselves to massages - swedish style relaxation massage in a well-appointed spa atmosphere complete with muzak piped in for our listening pleasure. Finally, a Bryan Adams revival! My masseuse began to seem distracted during the foot massage, to the point that I thought she might be reading while massaging or something like that. Once we got to the head massage I noticed that she was again losing vim and vigour. Her fingers would by turns massage and then pause, twitch awake again and massage. I'm pretty sure her head laid on her arms beside my head because I could hear her breathing. I didn't know what to do! I was face down on a massage table with a very tired (and quite possibly overworked) masseuse with her hands in my hair! It was a little bit hilarious, actually. It ended well once we got past the head massage - I thought I was the one meant to be relaxed into slumber!

Brian's experience was much more typical. I can only hope that the lady takes a day off to relax and sleep a little. That's it, Maegan, I'll never stray again! (Maegan's a fantastic Massage Therapist for those of you who don't know - a shade or eight more therapeutic than the one described above).

Today is our shopping day, since we want to avoid the pressure of shopping in Marrakech (which sounds like 'Marrrrkch' when the locals say it).

OH AND PS. in case you didn't remember, tomorrow is Ghandi's birthday. And an unkown friend from my travels in India has emailed to remind me that it's mine as well! Goodbye 27, helloooo 28! 12 hours left to live it up as a mid-twenties'er.


chasie said...

Thanks for the cracked me up that she fell alseep, I hope it was still enjoyable and relaxing.

Gwen said...

Well, that's kind of uncomfortable...I suppose now you understand why I play loud, 80's rock throughout my massages?

No, really . . .

I'm in Toronto! On my way to New York! I will try to keep up the comments but in case I don't, I promise to read it all in my airport-break-times, and for tomorrow: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Welcome to 28. It kind of rocks.

Joan B said...

Hi you two - I am enjoying your blog and hope you put some more pics on it, ie, Marrakesh, Paris, . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ghandi, Oh, I mean Leanna!! (also Kelly Ripa's, TV personality/talk show host - a bright, bubbly blonde!) You must be in Gay Paris right now, and I can't believe your adventure is almost over. Will see you next weekend. I've never had a pro massage, now you've scared me!! HAPPY HONEYMOON you two! Happy 28th Leanna. Love and hugs, Auntie!!

Janet said...

Happy exotic birthday. Well, head cold or not, you certainly know how to celebrate! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos. What does Morocco look like? Are there sand dunes with cactus there? Have you been camel riding yet?

Enjoy Paris!