Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Lebanon 2005-6: Another Grand Day Out

I did it. Caught the service TWICE today, no help. I'm gaining confidence by the day..."I have confidence in sunshine...I have confidence in rainnnnn" (Julie Andrews, anyone?)

Went to the AUB (American University of Beirut) today. Beautiful place. CLEAN. and there were...those big green things...look like plants? Oh RIGHT, TREES!! I think so far, it's my favourite place.
Embarassingly, I think I have to attribute this to being in an environment which resembles, even slightly, my own regular life. I even saw a couple girls cramming for an exam as they walked by me. Oh boy am I ever relieved to know I'm school-free for the moment!

The picture is of the first building of the AUB, originally built in 1878 (?)...this building has also been completely rebuilt, following original blueprints, expanded about 20%, and shifted to the left a few feet. It was reopened in 1999 (civil war ended in 1991).

NOPE, still no pictures.
Takes too much juice from the server, I guess...any suggestions?

Enfin, I'm gonna get outta here!
Thanks for those who've replied...I do love a good email.

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